Seche Premier Colour Lacquer | Witty 65452 | 0.5 fl oz

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  • Seche Premier Colour Lacquer | Witty 65452 | 0.5 fl oz

SHOW-OFF with Long Lasting Colour.
STAND-OUT with Exceptional Shine.
SHINE-ON like never before.

  1. Simple 3 Step System that includes Base, LACQUER, and Sealant.
  2. Dries in  ONLY 10 MINUTES OR LESS!
  3. No fancy UV/LED lights, sprays, or other fast-drying products are necessary. EASY. SIMPLE. ELEGANT.

This Revolutionary Sealant is specially formulated to deliver a seal and shine with a flawless finish that lasts! "Seche Premier Colour Lacquer" gives the user A NEW WAY to experience Lacquer. This concoction makes your nails glow in colour that shines with exuberant confidence. The benefits include: Intense Shine, Lasting Colour, Extended Wear Strength! They have discovered a brand new way to design fuses with natural light which will not only extend wear and add longevity, in your nails. But it will also Increase your nails strength over time.