Mr. Pumice | Extra Coarse | Purple

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  • Mr. Pumice | Extra Coarse | Purple
  • Mr. Pumice | Extra Coarse | Purple
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  • Mr. Pumice | Extra Coarse | Purple
  • Mr. Pumice | Extra Coarse | Purple
  • Individual Photo

Anti-Bacterial, Solution Safe!

Quantity in each box - 12

For Beautiful Healthy feet!

Great For Hand and Elbows too! 

  • Pumi Bar Coarse (Purple) / Medium (Lavender)
  • Combination bar: coarse and extra coarse grits
  • Two Coarseness / sides for custom use on various parts of the foot
  • Individually wrapped for customer confidence
  • Anti bacterial solution safe


The Ultimate Pumi Bar by Mr. Pumice is the perfect solution to get rid of calluses and achieve soft, healthy, smooth, beautiful feet. Its useful two-in-one design offers two different grits—medium and coarse—making it exceptionally versatile for use all over your foot and for different types of calluses and dead skin. Inspired by the traditional pumice stone, Mr. Pumice is a pedi foot file that improves upon pumice with a synthetic frothed polyurethane material. Our custom formulation and European manufacturing produces a foot rasp with uniform internal structure, unlike other materials (such as natural stone, glass, etc.) that might have holes, teardrops, and other structural flaws. It’s also a sanitary solution, eroding naturally during use to prevent unsanitary buildup of skin cells in the bar.


Using the Ultimate Pumi Bar couldn’t be simpler. Depending on your preferences, you can either use it dry, or you can wet the callused area of your skin with soap and warm water before use. Rub the bar around your toes and the soles of your feet to remove the calluses and tough epidermis. You can also use the bar on elbows and hands. The lavender side can be used for medium calluses, while the purple side can be used for extra tough calluses. Afterward, rinse the pumice bar under hot water to clean it.


Go to your local salon, and you’ll find them using Mr. Pumice. An industry staple since 2000, Mr. Pumice is the #1 choice of professionals, trusted for its dependability, consistency, and quality. If you’re looking for salon-quality treatment for healthy, beautiful feet, look no further than Mr. Pumice. Try it now!