Revel Dip Powder (1 oz) & Polish Starter Kit | Obsess M256 |

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Looking to get started with Dip Powder and Nail Polish that matches perfectly with it?  Get everything here you need here!  All the liquids and one 1 OZ powder so you can begin doing dip powders today and a 15 ml bottle of nail polish to have the perfect pair for the perfect nails!


contain the following items:

1) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #1 Probase

2) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #2 Activator

3) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #3 Finish Gel

4) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Revel Nail Polish

5) One (1) 1 OZ Dip Powder Jar



Apply Step 1 to make the nail sticky to allow the Dip Powder to adhere to the nail.

Step 2 - Apply after the Pro Base and Dip Powder have been applied to the nail.

This gel activates the Dip Powder to harden it and it gives it a beautiful shine.

Step 3 is the Finish Gel - apply after the nail is prepped, dipped, and activated.  You should only use the Finish Gel when you are finished with the nail

The Finish Gel will give the nail an amazing shine and an incredible toughness to finish off the Dip Powder treatment.